The Long Beach Island Branch has a delayed opening at 1:00pm on Thursday, 04/04/2024, due to inclement weather.

The Ocean County Library's automated telephone system calls when requested items are available for pick-up, or when items are overdue. The automated phone system will leave a generic message on your answering machine. You may use the automated telephone system to access your library account anytime, except during system maintenance, to renew titles, list titles on loan, list or cancel titles on hold, hear your current fines, or list overdue items. You will need the following:

  1. A touchtone phone

  2. All 14 digitals of your library barcode number

  3. Your password – to ensure your privacy, you must have a password. If you didn’t select a password, it is the last four digits of your phone number. You can change your password at the library or online.

To dial into the automated telephone system:


Southern Ocean County
609-971-0514 (Press 2)

Northern Ocean County
732-349-6200 (Press 2)

Western Ocean County


*Note: If you dial one of the numbers above and it rings more than five times the line is in use. Hang up and try again.

Once connected, wait until the introduction finishes and then:

  • For English, press 1

  • For Spanish, press 2

Once you have selected language:

  1. Press 1 to renew or get library account information

  2. Enter all 14 digits of your barcode followed by the # sign

  3. Enter your password and press the # sign

Wait approximately 5 seconds. When your name is announced, listen carefully to the available options.  You will be able to renew titles, list titles on loan, list or cancel titles on hold, hear your current fines, or list overdue items.

Polaris requires that you enter either the full barcode (14 digits) or the barcode’s last 9 digits. After you enter your barcode, press the Tab key or place the cursor in the Password Box and type in your password. Press the Enter key. If your barcode number still does not work, call your local branch and ask them to verify your account information. 


You can find new DVDs, new Blu-ray discs, and new music CDs by doing the following in our catalog:
Click the Search tab and then the Browse tab to change the search method.
In the “Search for:” box, change Title to Series.
In the “that begins with:” box, type in ONE of the following:

  • new dvds
  • new blu-ray
  • new music