There are several reasons an item does not renew:

  • There could be a hold request on it for another customer. This will prevent a renewal.
  • You may have used up your renewals. You can renew an item two times before you must return it. 
  • Some copies of our newest titles have copies that are not renewable. These “browser copies” do not fill hold requests and therefore can be found on the shelf when not checked out. If you’ve checked out one of these "browser copies” you will not be able to renew it.

If you need more information, please call your local branch and ask for circulation.

Even if a book is listed as "In" at a branch it may not be available to fill your request. If you have been waiting longer than a few days for a book that was “In”, please call the branch and they will assist you.

Navigate to the Mobile PAC on your mobile device.
Click on Search the Catalog.
Enter your search in the Search Box for the item you wish to reserve and press Search
A list of items matching your search will be returned. Click on the title of the item you’re interested in to bring up that item’s screen.
Choose Request It.
If you are not logged into the catalog, you will be prompted to log in at this time. On the Log On screen, type in your Barcode and Password and press Log On.
Once logged on, you will then be taken to a screen where you can change your Pickup Location and Activation Date if you don’t want the defaults. When done, press Submit Request:
If there are other hold requests already placed for this title, it will tell you how many and ask if you still want to place the request. If you do, select Yes to place the request.
Once the request is placed, you will get a screen that will give you various options including to Log Out and go to the Home screen.