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  • A Good Yarn

    A mix of fiction books centered on knitting or crocheting, biographies about knitters, and pattern and instructional books.

  • The Mystery of Love

    Mysteries with romantic elements.

  • Amish Love Stories

    Fall in love with the Amish culture while reading these romantic Amish stories.

  • Mental Health for Adults

    Non-fiction books to promote understanding and end the stigma related to mental health challenges.

  • Mental Health for Children and their Parents

    This list has been compiled in the hope that it will aid children and their families in finding books that will help them understand, and deal with mental health issues that affect them.

  • Mental Health for Teens

    Riveting realistic portrayals of people coping with a mental illness or challenges.

  • Oh Those Tudors

    Fact and fiction titles about the legendary English rulers including King Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I.

  • Out of Africa

    Stories about the world's second largest continent.

  • Picture Books about Mental Health

    Whether a child suffers from anxiety, or is learning that children with special needs may sometimes behave differently; one of the pictures books on this list might contain just the right words to help a child, or an adult, understand.

  • Picture Books for Everyone

    You don't have to be a child to enjoy the art and story of these great titles.