• Bringing in the New Year

    By Grace Lin (E Lin)

    A Chinese-American family works hard to prepare for Lunar New Year.

  • My First Chinese New Year

    By Karen Katz (E Katz)

    An entire family prepares for Chinese New Year.

  • The Runaway Wok: a Chinese New Year Tale

    By Ying Chang Compestine (E Comp)

    Ming, a young boy, brings home a magic wok. The magic wok helps his family celebrate Chinese New Year.

  • Chinese New Year Colors

    By Rich Lo (E 394.261 Lo)

    This is a bilingual English and Chinese book. Learn about the colors of Chinese New Year in this book.

  • D is for Dragon Dance

    By Ying Chang Compestine (E Comp)

    This ABC book describes Chinese New Year for young readers.

  • How to Catch a Dragon

    By Adam Wallace (E Wall)

    The story book is set in China during Chinese New Year. The children learn about Chinese New Year as they try to catch a dragon.

  • Chinese New Year: a celebration for everyone

    By Jen Sookfong Lee (J 394.261 Lee)

    The book contains a personalized account of the author celebrating Chinese New Year.

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year

    By Carolyn Otto (J 394.261 Otto)

    The book contains photos and traditions of Chinese New Year.

  • Ruby’s Chinese New Year

    By Vickie Lee (E Lee)

    Ruby has a letter to deliver to her grandmother for Chinese New Year. On her journey she meets the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

  • Chinese New Year

    By Nancy Dickmann (E 394.261 Dick)

    The different ways to celebrate Chinese New Year are described in detail in the book.