• Courage in Her Cleats: The Story of Soccer Star Abby Wambach

    By Kim Chaffee (JB Wamb)

    In this powerful biography, readers will dance and dart down fields with Abby as she slingshots--balls straight into goals, sweating and scoring her way from school league leader to U.S. Women's National Team star. Follow Abby through both success and setbacks because while even pro athletes miss goals, face losses, and can get injured, determined Abby has always been tougher than her toughest challenge.

  • No One Owns the World

    By Gianna Davy (E Davy)

    A lively celebration of self-expression and a bolstering invitation to advocate for your special uniqueness. The unnamed and non-gendered narrator shows us that colors are simply part of our natural world. No bit of the spectrum--from pink and blue to scarlet and chartreuse--is meant to be claimed by any one gender or being or culture. Color is not something that can be right or wrong, or better or worse.

  • Grandad's Pride

    By Harry Woodgate (E Wood)

    Grandad and Milly are back for another adventure, this time honoring the past and celebrating the future with a pride parade. This heartwarming tale continues to wonderful journey that began with the Stonewall Honoree and Waterstones Best Illustrated Book, Grandad's Camper.

  • David Hockney

    By Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara (EB Hock)

    Little David loved to draw and looked at the world in his own unique way. He always knew what his path in life would be, he would be an artist! He went to art school and worked day and night to hone his drawing skills, he became known for creating bright, bold paintings.

  • It Feels Good to be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity

    By Theresa Thorn (E305.3 Thor)

    Some people are boys. Some people are girls. Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between. This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others.

  • Two Grooms on a Cake

    By Rob Sanders (E306.76 Sand)

    Two wedding cake toppers tell the love story of the men they represent, Michael McConnell and Jake Baker, and their difficult journey to become the first married gay couple in the United States.

  • Strong

    By Rob Kearney (EB Kear)

    An inspirational picture book memoir that follows Rob Kearney's journey to becoming the first openly gay strongman competitor, proud to wear rainbow colors.

  • If You're a Drag Queen and You Know It

    By Lil Miss Hot Mess (E LilM)

    Drag queens sing verses of this popular song that encourages everyone to express their fabulousness by singing, posing, and twirling along.

  • The Meaning of Pride

    By Rosiee Thor (E306.76 Thor)

    Celebrating the culture and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community, this vibrant picture book shows young readers that there are many ways to show your pride and make a difference.

  • 'Twas the Night Before Pride

    By Joanna McClintick (E McCl)

    A glittering celebration of queer families puts Pride gently in perspective--honoring those in the LBGTQ+ community who fought against injustice and inequality. Pride Day is a day that means "Together, we are strong!" With bright, buoyant illustrations and lyrical, age-appropriate rhyme modeled on "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," it tackles difficult content such as the Stonewall Riots and the AIDS marches.

  • My Fade is Fresh

    By Shauntay Grant (E Gran)

    A little girl is excited to go to the barber-shop because she plans on getting the flyest, freshest fade on the block! But once she sits in the barber's chair, everyone else's suggestions are all she can hear. This confident girl won't let her voice be drowned out, and she happily instructs the barber until her hair matches the style she envisioned.

  • True You: A Gender Journey

    By Gwen Agna (J306.76 Agna)

    This affirming and inclusive photographic picture book offers a celebratory and informative look at kids and their wide-ranging gender identities. With the permission of their parents, the children were recorded and transcribed by authors Shelley Rotner and Gwen Agna as they were photographed.

  • My Paati's Saris

    By Jyoti Rajan Gopal (E Gopa)

    A Tamil boy explores his love for his grandmother and her colorful sari collection in this tale of expressing your true self.

  • Miss Rita, Mystery Reader

    By Sam Donovan (E Dono)

    Daddy is the Mystery Reader at Tori’s school today, and he’s coming dressed as Miss Rita! Tori helps Daddy gloss, glitter, glamour, and glimmer to get ready. It takes time—because sparkle is serious business! Tori loves helping Daddy become Miss Rita. But will the other kids at school love Miss Rita like Tori does? This heartwarming and relatable family story celebrates drag queens, reading, and self-acceptance, teaching every kid to let their sparkle shine!

  • My Own Way: Celebrating Gender Freedom for Kids

    By Joana Estrela (E305.3 Estr)

    My Own Way is a poem and a picture book that introduces very young children to the wonder of gender diversity. Why feel limited to his or hers, blue or pink, football or ballet?

  • The Rainbow Parade

    By Emily Neilson (E Neil)

    One day in June, Mommy, Mama, and Emily take the train into the city to watch the Rainbow Parade. The three of them love how all the people in the street are so loud, proud, and colorful, but when Mama suggests they join the parade, Emily feels nervous. Standing on the sidewalkis one thing, but walking in the parade? Surely that takes something special.

  • Payden's Pronoun Party

    By Blue Jaryn (E Jary)

    On a colorful quest, Payden talks to friends about a rainbow of possibilities: he, she, they, ze, and so many more! The right pronouns are just waiting to be tried on. Put on your party hats and learn about the magical variety of pronouns in this thoughtful story that imagines a world of unquestioning support for gender exploration, celebrates all the different ways a person can present, and provides a blueprint for people of any age who are pondering what gender means to them.

  • All Moms

    By Sarah Kate Ellis (E Elli)

    Moms are amazing! The care, support, and love they give make us stronger, smarter, kinder, and happier. Every mom is unique and special, so celebrate them with this beautiful picture book written by the married team of Sarah Kate Ellis, the president and CEO of GLAAD, and musician Kristen Ellis-Henderson.

  • Phoenix Gets Greater

    By Marty Wilson-Trudeau (E Wils)

    A powerful story about the importance of family acceptance. Phoenix isn't like other boys. He loves to play with dolls and marvel at pretty fabrics. Most of all, he loves to dance--whether it's ballet, Pow Wow dancing, or just swirling and twirling around his house. Not everyone understands Phoenix, but his mom and brother are proud of him. With their help, Phoenix learns about Two Spirit/Niizh Manidoowag people in Anishinaabe culture and just how special he is.

  • Some Daddies

    By Carol Gordon Ekster (E Ekst)

    This rollicking showcase of daddies celebrates the incredible diversity of modern fathers. The inclusive cast of characters--including a two-dad family, a single dad, and a stay-at-home dad--highlights the bond between daddy and child as they play, learn, comfort, and laugh their way through everyday life.

  • Téo's Tutu

    By Maryann Jacob Macias (E Maci)

    Téo loves to dance, whether it's the cumbia with Papí, the bhangra with Amma, or ballet class with Miss Lila. He also loves the way his tutu makes him feel, inside and out. But when it comes time to decide which outfit to wear in the big dance recital-a sparkly tutu or shimmering silver pants-Téo wonders if being his most authentic self on stage will put him too much in the spotlight.

  • Over the Shop

    By JonArno Lawson (E Laws)

    A lonely little girl and her grandparent need to fill the run-down apartment in their building. But taking over the quarters above their store will mean major renovations for the new occupants, and none of the potential renters can envision the possibilities of the space--until one special couple shows up. With their ingenuity, the little girl's big heart, and heaps of hard work, the desperate fixer-upper begins to change in lovely and surprising way.

  • Jerome by Heart

    By Thomas Scotto (E Scot)

    This story follows a little boy named Raphael, whose daily rhythm is steeped in his immense affection for his friend Jerome. The two boys share jokes and snacks and plan future adventures to the Himalayas. Even when Raphael's constant talk of Jerome is driving his parents crazy, he remains steadfast: "Raphael loves Jerome. I can say it. It's easy." And the truth is, when he's with Jerome, Raphael feels happy, liked, and understood-- even special.

  • Uncle Bobby's Wedding

    By Sarah S. Brannen (E Bran)

    Chloe is jealous and sad when her favorite uncle announces that he will be getting married, but as she gets to know Jamie better and becomes involved in planning the wedding, she discovers that she will always be special to Uncle Bobby--and to Uncle Jamie, too. This 2020 edition has all-new illustrations by Lucia Soto.

  • What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns

    By Katherine Locke (E Lock)

    Ari knows a lot of words for neighbors, including the pronouns each prefers, and with help from Uncle Lior, who always asks "What are your words," figures out which pronouns--and other words--fit best today.

  • A Plan for Pops

    By Heather Smith (E Smit)

    Lou spends every Saturday with Grandad and Pops. They walk to the library hand in  hand, like a chain of paper dolls. But everything changes one Saturday. Pops has a fall. Pops will need to use a wheelchair, not just for now, but for always. Unable to cope, he becomes withdrawn and shuts himself in his room. Hearing Grandad trying to cheer up Pops inspires Lou to make a plan. Using skills learned from Grandad, and with a little help from their neighbors, Lou comes up with a plan for Pops.

  • The Fairest in the Land

    By Lesléa Newman (E Newm)

    When it comes to playing dress-up, best friends Annabelle and Benjamin both want to be the bride, the ballerina, and the princess. Can they both be the fairest in the land? In this spirited and inclusive story about expressing our true selves with pride, two friends ultimately realize that they can both be their authentic selves--and that having two princesses means twice the fun.

  • The Wishing Flower

    By A.J. Irving (E Irvi)

    Birdie finds comfort in nature and books, but more than anything she longs for connection, to be understood. At school, Birdie feels like an outsider. Quiet and shy, she prefers to read by herself, rather than play with the other kids. That all changes when Sunny comes along. Like Birdie, Sunny has a nature name. She also likes to read, and loves to rescue bugs. And when Sunny smiles at her, Birdie's heart balloons like a parachute.

  • Door by Door: How Sarah McBride Became America's First Openly Transgender Senator

    By Meeg Pincus (EB McBr)

    A nonfiction picture book about Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride, who dreamed of making a difference as a kid and grew up to become the highest-ranking openly transgender political official in America.

  • Peanut Goes for the Gold

    By Jonathan Van Ness (E VanN)

    Peanut just has their own unique way of doing things. Whether it's cartwheeling during basketball practice or cutting their own hair, this little guinea pig puts their own special twist on life. So when Peanut decides to be a rhythmic gymnast, they come up with a routine that they know is absolutely perfect, because it is absolutely, one hundred percent Peanut.