The Long Beach Island Branch has a delayed opening at 1:00pm on Thursday, 04/04/2024, due to inclement weather.

There are several options that you can use to renew your library items if they are available for renewal. You can call the Automated Telemessaging System, 24 hours a day, to renew by phone, call the library and speak to a staff member, or you can do it online through the catalog. Use the following instructions to renew items through the catalog. 
Log into your Library Account with your barcode and password.
Click on your name and then Items Out.
You have two options, either Renew Selected Items or Renew All Items. 
To renew selected items:

  • Check the box in front of the items you wish to renew and select Renew Selected Items.

To renew all items available for renewal:

  • Select Renew All Item.

You will know that the items have been renewed successfully when you get a screen displaying the number of items successfully renewed. 
Remember to Log Out of your account when done.
Note: If the number under Renewals Left is zero then the item cannot be renewed. Please see the “Why don’t my items renew?" question below, or contact your local branch for more information.